51.2.2 System to randomize parameter values


  • In qTest Parameters, parameters need to be active and assigned to your qTest project so that you can fill their values to the Test Runs
  1. Select Randomize Data from Create Run Data drop-down list
  2. The system will randomly select values for all parameters included in the Test Case. You can choose one of these 2 options:
    • Unique Data Combinations Only: Each row in the data preview grid will contain a unique combination. Parameter values can be repeated, however, no 2 rows will have the same combination of data. This option is disabled inn case there is only one parameter included in your Test Case
    • Unique Values Only: Parameters will not be repeated, no 2 rows will have the same parameter value
  3. You can see the number of available data combinations next to each option above. If it shows 0, please check your paramters in qTest Parameters if one of them has no values, or it is inactive, or it is not assigned to your project
  4. Select up to 100 data combinations. You can create up to 100 Test Runs at a time
  5. At this stage, you can click + Add button to quickly create Test Runs with the randomized data
  6. Or you can click Preview Data button to preview the randomized data and modify them if needed before creatinng Test Runs
    • Type ahead some text in the parameter value drop-down list to search for the values
    • If you do not type in any text in the drop-down, the first 10 alphabetically sorted values will be displayed
    • Click Remove icon on each row if you want to remove it