51 Working with parameters

This feature is available for qTest Premium and Elite users. You will need to define your parameters and datasets using qTest Parameters. See its instruction here.

You can add parameters when designing manual Test Cases. A parameter is a variable which can be assigned an actual value when creating or executing Test Runs. It will allow you to execute the Test Case repeatedly with different data each time.

To execute Test Runs with parameters:

  1. Define your parameters in your qTest Parameters
  2. Design your Test Cases and add parameters in Test Steps
  3. Create Test Runs from parameterized Test Cases. At this stage, you will need to assign parameter values which will be used during test execution
  4. When executing Test Runs in TestPad or viewing existing Test Logs, you will see the actual executed parameter values in the Test Steps, not the parameters themselves

See instructions below:

»Insert parameters in Test Cases

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