51.2.1 Manually assign parameter values


  • In qTest Parameters, parameters need to be active and assigned to your qTest project so that you can fill their values to the Test Runs
  1. Select Manual from Create Run Data drop-down list
  2. Select up to 10 and click Add Test Run(s) to add rows to the run data grid. You should only create up to 100 Test Runs at a time
  3. On the run data grid, you will need to manually assign values to every parameter
    • Type ahead some text in the drop-down list to search for your parameter value
    • If you do not type in any text in the drop-down, the first 10 alphabetically sorted values will be displayed
    • If no parameter value is retrieved, please check your parameter in TDM whether it has no values, or it is not assigned to your qTest project, or it is inactive

  4. Click Remove icon on each row to remove it
  5. Click Add button to create Test Runs with the selected parameter values. If you assign the same set of parameter values to more than one row in the grid, the system will confirm with you if you want to create duplicate Test Runs