51.1 Insert Parameters in your Test Cases


  • To add a parameter to your Test Cases, the parameter needs to be assigned to your project in qTest Parameters
  • Currently, you can only add parameters to Test Steps' Description
  • It is highly recommended that you only add up to 25 parameters in a Test Case

To add parameters to your Test Cases:

  1. Select an existing Test Case or create a new one
  2. In Step Description field, type @ followed by the parameter identifier to search for your parameters
  3. You can use the Up and Down key to navigate through the dropdown list and Enter to select a parameter. Alternatively, you can click to select a parameter
  4. If you type in @ and following text but you do not select any parameter from the drop-down, it will be just some normal text, not an inserted parameter
  5. In Step Description's edit mode, the parameter is displayed as [~identifier]
  6. In Step Description's view mode, the parameter is displayed as @identifier and it is hyperlinked to the parameter's profile page in qTest Parameters