5.2 Running Test Cases

Test cases for a work item can only be executed once an item is in the Execute phase. To run a test case, open the work item, select some or all test cases, and click the Run button. You can choose to run one test case at a time by clicking on the in-line Run button.

A status can be set for each Test Step or for the overall Test Case. The statuses available are: 


  • Passed: The system behaves as expected when the test is completed. 
  • Failed: The system behaves different to than the expected when the test is completed. 
  • Incomplete: The test was not executed completely. This is also the default status. 
  • Blocked: The test cannot be completed because a defect or other impediment prevents the test from being completed. 

The overall test case status is decided by the status of the test steps. If test steps have different statuses, the overall status will be set by the following priority: 

For example, if any step is Blocked, the test case will shown as Blocked. If no step is Blocked but another is set as Failed, the test case status is set to Failed and so on.