2.3.1 Parameter Value Grid

This article is a quick description about functionalities that help you effectively create Parameter values.

  • Create a new value: Click icon , a textbox appear for you to enter new value
  • Create multiple values: In the textbox, press Enter to add multiple values. Press Shift-Enter to commit values. This textbox allows 65000 characters as maximum 
  • Remove multiple values: Select multiple values, the recycle bin icon  appears for you to remove multiple values.
  • Remove one value: Click icon  at the end of each line to remove the value 
  • Search: content-search value
  • Sort A-Z/ Z-A: sort the grid alphabetically in ascending/descending order
  • Pagination: move forward/backward between pages
  • <empty> value: when you leave a blank line in the textbox, TDM treats it at <empty> value. This is for case when you want to input empty as a value.
  • Edit inline: Click on a row to inline edit its value