2.1.1 Filtering & Sorting

Filter by Parameter Status (Active/Inactive) , Used, Unused

  • Click the statistic number, the grid will be filtered accordingly. The line under the number lets you know in which parameter status the current grid is about. 
  • Unselect the statistic number, the grid will cleared out the filter and display all parameters as default.


When a parameter is defined in a qTest Test Case, we count it "used". When a parameter is defined in a TDM Dataset, we also count it "used". On the other hand, when a parameter is removed from qTest Test Case or TDM Dataset, "Used" number reduces 1, "Unused" increases 1.

Filter by Project

  • Click Projects and select some to get list of parameters which were assigned to them.
  • "Assigned to All Projects" is the default option
  • The number in "x Projects" is number of your selected projects

Clear Filter

When the grid is filtered by either status or project, the Clear Filter button appears. Click on it to clear all filters and go back to the default grid view (view all).

Sort by Most recent/ A-Z/ Z-A

Click Sort and select option to sort the grid

  • Most recent update: Most recent updated parameters will move up to top of the grid.
  • A-Z: Sort the grid alphabetically in ascending order
  • Z-A: Sort the grid alphabetically in descending order