3.3 Edit/ Delete Dataset

From the Dataset Grid Page, click on a Dataset name to open its profile page.


 Update Dataset's detail

From here, you can update Dataset information like Name, Status, Description. 

Dataset's Data Grid

From here, you can update Dataset's structure and data rows manually. 

  • Click the blue plus icon  to create a new column.
  • Click the green plus icon  to create a new row or specify a number and click that icon  to create a bunch of rows.
  • Update values by clicking on the cell and selecting values from the dropdown list

 Automatically generate data

From here you can select methods to re-generate data for your Dataset, specify number of rows you wants to generate. All current data will be replaced with new generated ones once getting your confirmation.

 Save/ Delete/ Back

Click Delete button to delete the Dataset.

Click Save to save all changes and go back to the Datasets Grid page.

Click Back to go back to the Datasets Grid. A reminder will appear when you go back without saving change.