3.2 Create a Dataset

Click Create button from the Datasets Grid page.

to create a new Dataset

 Input basic information of a Dataset: name (required), description, status Active/ Inactive (click the circle to change status: green for active and orange for inactive)

 Generate Dataset: There are 2 steps to build a Dataset

Firstly, you want to specify structure of your Dataset

  • Select parameter as Dataset's column: Parameters which are active and have at lease one value will be displayed in the dropdown for you to select. Notice that you only able to see parameters belong to qTest projects that you have access to.
  • Click the blue plus icon  to create a new column.
  • Click the green plus icon  to create a new row or specify a number and click that icon  to create a bunch of rows.

NOTE: A Dataset can have 25 columns as maximum. It can contain 1 million rows as maximum but you are only able to add 25 rows per time.

There are 2 ways to input data for your dataset: manually or automatically. Check this article for detailed instructions.

 Clear data & Reset Dataset

  • Clear values: All values/data of the Dataset will be cleared out, but its structure (selected columns) remains unchanged.
  • Reset Table: Dataset's structure and data are all removed. The Dataset turns back to its initial state where you can rebuild it from scratch.