2.3 Edit a Parameter

Click the parameter's identifier from the grid to open its profile page.

 Update Parameter's detail

From here, you can update parameter information like Identifier, Status, Description. The @ symbol indicate how you use or define the parameter in qTest Manager.

 Parameter Value Grid

This section allows you to create/update/delete values for your parameter. The changes on Parameter's values are automatically saved.

Please check this article for functionalities on the Parameter Value Grid

 Update Parameter's Projects

From here, you can update parameter's Projects. By default, a parameter is assigned to all projects the logged-in user have access to.

A parameter should belong to at least one project, so you will not be allowed to remove all projects from the drop down.

 Save/ Archive / Back

Click Archive button to archive a parameter.

  • If your parameter is being used in qTest Manager, you will receive a warning message. If you acknowledge that fact and still want to drop it, system will archive it.
  • If your parameter is being used in a Dataset within system, you will not allowed to archive it.

Click Save to save all changes and go back to the Parameter Grid

Click Back to go back to the Parameter Grid. A reminder will appear when you go back without saving change.


The Profile page also provides you with additional information around the parameter like its Created Date time, Last Updated Date time, List of qTest Test Cases which are using it, List of Datasets which include it. Please check this article for Test Case Tab and Dataset Tab.