2.1 Parameters

Accessing qTest Parameters from qTest Manager, you will land on the default Parameters page. This page provides you with a list of parameters which belong to all qTest Manager's projects you have access to.

 You can search the parameters by their identifier (we consider parameter name as identifier because it is treated as unique within the whole system). 

This is a contain-search which means it finds all parameters' identifiers that contain your typing-words.

 Statistic number on top of the grid quickly tells you how many parameters are active/ inactive, how many are used (either in Test case or Dataset) / unused.

You are also capable of filtering the grid by project, sorting it or moving back and forth using the pagination.

Please check this article for detailed instructions on these abilities.

 Each row of the grid is a parameter with status (green for active and yellow for inactive), identifier, description and its last modified date time.