17. Exporting Session

In Session Review page, you can export session to various file format by clicking on Export button

The Export dialog will be shown as below screenshot.

On Export dialog, enter below information to export session:

  • File format: select your prefered file format. Possible options are: PDF, Word, JPG, HTML
  • Screen: select screens to be included in the export. Possible values are: None, All screens (selected by default), Selected screens (this option is only available if there are selected screens in the Steps View)
  • Description: enter description of your export. This option is not available if selcted File format is JPG
  • Image quality: this option allows you to choose the quality of exporting screenshot. Possible values are either High, Medium or Low

When you are done, click on Export button to export the session. The system will show exporting progress indicator as below screenshot.


The more screens being exported, the bigger file it would be. So it might take a big amount of time to process your resulting export file so you will be presented with another screen showing that the file is under processing

When file is fully processed. You will see a Download button that you can click to download the file.