4.4 Adding an Existing Test Case to a Work Item

Clicking on "Add Existing Test Case" button on Work Item will bring up Search Test Case modal. The modal displays all existing test cases in system by default.

1. Search box: You can input a keyword to search for an existing test case

2. Filtering panel: It provides some test case attributes to filter existing test cases

  • Project: contains projects available in the Team
  • Status: Test case status - New, In_Progress, Baselined, Approved
  • Assigned: the list of members in the Team
  • Tag: shows tags available for the Team
  • Work Item Status: contains status options of work item
  • Work Item keyword: is used to input work item keyword

Filtering panel is hidden under filter icon by default. Clicking on the filter icon will launch the panel.

3. Test Case list: displays the list of test cases returned after search and filtering

4. Selected test cases: Once you select any test case in test case list, the selected ones will be marked and displayed in this area. You can click on Remove [x] button to de-select the selected tests cases. The total number of selected test cases in the message "<n> test cases selected" is updated when a test case is chosen more or removed out.

You can use "Add to Work Item" link to insert the selected test cases to the work item. The selected test cases are added to the work item.

5. Found test cases: displays the total number of returned test cases after searching or filtering. Two text link "select all | none" is used to select or de-select all test cases in the list.