2.2 Create a Parameter

From the Parameters Grid page, click Create button, Popup "Create Parameter" appears for you to create a new parameter.

  • Identifier is required, special characters are not allowed, except underscore(_), minus, space( ), period(.) Duplicate identifier is not allowed either. You will get a validation error message if there is mistake.

        For example: 

  • Status:  Active by default, click on the circle to turn it on/off
  • Projects: By default, your parameter is assigned to all qTest projects you have access to. (That means you can use the parameter in these projects.) You definitely can remove some unwanted assigned projects from the list.
  • Clicking "Clear All Projects" link will remove all projects from the drop-down box. However, Project is required field, you need to specify at least one project into which the parameters will be imported.
  • Values: You are able to add one or multiple values, Press Enter for new value.

Once you fill in needed information for your parameter, click Create (or Shift-Enter), you will be navigated to the grid with newly created param displayed on top.

Ticking on the checkbox "Create another"  will keep you stay on the Popup and continuously create another parameter.

Click Cancel or X icon from the top right corner to close the Popup.