01. qTest Sessions Overview

This article is for the new version of qTest Sessions module released with qTest 8.1 or later. If your qTest version is earlier than 8.1, refer to this guide lines: Session Manager (Legacy)

The Sessions module is the area of qTest that provides an ability to conduct Session Based Testing. Users can create and assign test session to testers within the project. The assignee can then execute the test session with qTest Explorer - an intelligent exploratory testing tool - that precisely records all tester's activities against a selective application(s).

Download qTest Explorer

Before you begin with qTest Sessions, you should download qTest Explorer from the following location. 

  • For Windows OS, download qTest Explorer
  • For Mac OS, download Web Explorer 
  • For testing Android or IOS applications, download Mobile Explorer.

Accessing qTest Sessions

From qTest, you can access to Sessions module by going to Sessions menu.

Once you select qTest Sessions, you will be navigated to qTest Sessions page where you create and manage all test sessions.