02. Viewing and Filtering Sessions

From the qTest Sessions home page, you can view and filter (or search) test sessions from projects that you are working on.

By default, the filter includes test sessions belonging to the last active project in qTest site.

To filter all sessions of a specific project, select a project from the project list in the top of the page.

You can also narrow the search result by doing the below:

  • entering session title in Title field and/or
  • selecting specific author(s) in Author field and/or
  • selecting a number of assignees in Assigned field and/or
  • selecting executor(s) in Executor field and/or
  • choosing one or more statuses in Status field and/or
  • choosing a number of tags in Tags field and/or

Filtering Sessions with Saved filters

To filter sessions using saved filters, click on Saved filters link then select any filter you saved previously to filter sessions.


Customize Session View

To customize session view, click on Customize View then select fields you want to show or hide in session list. To restore the view to default, click on Restore Defaults link in Customize View pop up.

Collapse/Expand Filters View

Click on Collapse Filters View icon to hide Filters view

Click on Expand Filters View icon to show Filters View