2.1 Quality

Quality Analysis Report 

Below are some helpful tips one navigating the Quality Analysis report. 

1. Overview

Open the left panel and click Quality to open the Quality Analysis page.

 There are three quality reports as following:

  • Latest Test Run Results: the results from the latest runs of each test case.
  • Test Results by Day: a breakdown of the test run results by day.
  • Defect Status: shows the distribution of defects by status.

 You can click on tabs to see different views of the data broken down by Project, Release, Test Cycle, Configuration.

  • Click on Column Headers to sort data.
  • Click on the data in the table to drill-down to details.

2. Hover to See Data

Example: When you hover over the green pie slice, a small pop-up will display telling you that there are 13 passed test runs.

3. Click to Drill-down for Details

Check this article for things you are able to do on Drilldown page.