5 Test Cases

 Test Case Library is a place displaying all test cases available in the system. You can navigate this page via "Test Case Library" otpion on the top navigation.

 Test Case Library has two main parts: Test case list and filtering panel

1. Test Case list

The list of test cases shows the following information:

  • Name: Name of test cases
  • ID: ID of test cases
  • Status: Status of test cases
  • Assigned: Assignee of test cases
  • Hours: Effort users spent on test cases
  • Last Run 
  • Runs
  • Bugs
  • Last Edit: latest date and time test cases run
  • Tags: Tags of test cases

You can update test cases by clicking on the inline "Edit" button. The buttom will bring you to test case modal so that  you can change any to the test case.

The inline "Delete" buttons are used to delete test cases. You will be confirmed on deletion action with a message "Are you sure you want to delete this test case?" and two buttons "Delete" and "Cancel". With "Delete" option, the test case will be deleted from system. With "Cancel" option, deletion action is canceled and the test case still exists.

2. Filtering panel

Pulse supports to filter test cases with Filtering panel. This panel is hidden under filter icon by default. Clicking on the icon will enable the panel.

Filtering panel has some criteria as following

  • Project: displays projects available to the organization
  • Status: contains test case status: New, In_progress, Baselined and Approved
  • Assigned: shows of members of the organization
  • Tags: lists tags available to the organization
  • Work Item Status: shows work item status: Pending, Planning, Execute, Completed
  • Work Item content: is used to input a keyword matching with a part of work item name

Once any filtering option is set, the list of test cases is updated to dipslay test cases matching with the selected criteria only.