3.88 Mobile Explorer - August 12, 2016


For instructions to integrate Mobile Explorer to your desired mobile platform, check out: Mobile Explorer User Guide

New Features

Mobile Explorer Agent for Android

Allow to record multiple audios and associate them to last captured screen

In earlier version of Mobile Explorer for Android, user could record one and only one audio and that audio was automatically associated to the last captured screen within a recording session. In this release, user will be able to record multiple audios and automatically associate them to the last captured screen.

Multiple audios associated with a screen

Follow below steps to record audio(s) when you are in the middle of a recording session:

    • On Mobile Explorer hotspot, select (or tap) the note icon

      Tab note icon on Mobile eXplorer hotspot
    • Select Record audio item in the newly opening screen to start audio recording, as shown in below screenshot

      Select Record audio item
    • Mobile Explorer hotspot will change its appearance to indicate that you are in audio recording progress. You can complete, or discard, audio recording at any time by choosing appropriate action on the hotspot, as shown in below screenshot

      Complete or Discard audio recording

Known Limitations


  • Cannot capture the image when navigating Drawer controls (open/close actions)
  • If the user changes a screen too fast, some screens are not captured
  • Memory leak with applications that consist of large image libraries