2.2 Coverage

Coverage Analysis Report 

The Coverage Analysis report helps you determine test case and execution coverage as it related to requirements and application areas. Below are some helpful tips on navigating the Coverage Analysis report.

1. Overview

Open the left panel, click Coverage to open the Coverage Analysis page.

  There are three coverage reports as following:

  • Test Runs Per Requirement: In the pie chart, you will get a break down of how many test runs are covering a number of requirements.  For example, there are zero test runs listed compared to three requirements, this indicates that three requirements have not been tested.
  • Requirements Test Run Coverage: the heat map is setup so that the size of each box is based on the number of test runs and the color of the box is based on the number of failure runs.  Dark green is the lowest number of failures and bright red is the highest number.
  • Requirements Run Results: The results from the latest run of each test case covering the requirements.

 Test Type: This is to filter out manual vs automation test run data for the below analysis data table.

 Analysis Data Table: This table shows the test cases for each requirement along with the testing results and number of defects.

2. You can hover over bars / cells / pie slices to see data

Example: When you over over the cell of Requirements Test Run Coverage, a small popup displayed telling you that the Requirement Video Sections has been covered by 7 test runs and 2 of them failed.

3. Click on Heat Map to Drill-down to Details

Check this articles for things you are able to do on Drilldown page