qTest HipChat Add-on

Install qTest HipChat Add-on

Follow the guideline from https://confluence.atlassian.com/hipchat/integrate-other-apps-747831626.html to install qTest Hipchat add-on

Once the add-on has been installed, you can find it in hipchat browser Group admin > Integrations as below:

Input qTest URL, qTest account in the configure tab, so the Add-on can get qTest data for displaying on HipChat

qTest Hipchat add-on Features

1. qTest Card

When you paste a qTest test case/ test run/ test suite URL into the HipChat chat room, a card will be displayed, providing brief information of the artifact.

2. qTest Release Glance

This feature provides user with following statistic information of a release in the glance:

# Test run by status (passed/failed)

# Test run unexecuted

# Defect by status


To open qTest release Glance, click + button, select Open qTest Release Glance, a dialog appears, asking for qTest Release URL.

Input qTest Release URL, click OK

The release glance will be displayed in the right side bar


Click on the release glance to see statistic information as below


Currently, each room can have only ONE release glance.

Thus, to see glance of another release, you can

- Open the  "Add qTest Release" Pop-up (by clicking the button +), 

- Edit the release URL there, click OK

The glance will be reloaded with new release's information.