9. Single Sign-On Integration

This feature allow qTest users to log in to qTest with their SSO credentials.

»Configuring qTest on your IdP

»Configuring SSO Integration

»Invite a user to log in with SSO credentials

Configuring qTest on your IdP

  1. You will need to add your qTest as an application on your IdP. You can find the URLs to configure the application SAML in qTest's SSO integration page. See instruction here
  2. In order for qTest to retrieve user information from your IdP, please map the following attributes
    • user.email
    • user.firstname
    • user.lastname
    OKTA - Attribute Mapping

Configuring SSO Integration

As a site administrator, you can configure and activate SSO integration.

  1. Access to qTest Administration section. Select tab Authentication Integration on the main navigation and then select SSO from the left pane
  2. On your IdP side, you will need to add qTest as an application. You can find the URLs to configure the application SAML in this page
  3. It is optional to enter a name for your IdP
  4. You are required to enter a URL to your IdP metadata. Alternative way, you can upload a metadata XML file from your local machine
  5. You can select option Create new account on qTest upon user's first login to allow users to create their qTest accounts. It will have save time and effort because you will not need to invite or update many users. This option will be explained in the next section
  6. Switch on Activation status
  7. Click on Save button

qTest - Admin - Authentication Integration - SSO


  • You will need to switched off the integration with your LDAP systems in order to enable SSO integration

Invite a user to log in with SSO credentials

In order to log in to qTest with SSO, a user will need an SSO account and an associated qTest account. There are 3 ways to enable SSO login for a qTest user:

1. Invite a new user

  1. Click on Invite button
  2. On the Invite User dialog, enter an email to create an associate qTest account
  3. Select option Let the user log in with his SSO username
  4. Enter the SSO username

qTest - Admin - Licenses Users - Invite with SSO

  IMPORTANT: You are not able to invite a new user if the input email or SSO username is currently being used by an existing qTest user.

2. Update an existing user

  1. Change the Authentication System of the user to SSO
  2. Click on SSO Username field of the user. It will change to a text box. Please enter the user's corresponding SSO username
  3. Click on Save button
  4. The user will receive a notification email

qTest - Admin - Licenses Users - Update user to SSO

3. Allow SSO users to create associate qTest accounts upon their first login

  1. In your IdP, grant users with the access to qTest
  2. In qTest, select option Create new account on qTest upon user's first login
  3. When users log in to qTest for the first time, they will need to confirm to create an associate qTest accounts


    • If qTest retrieves user email from the IdP and there is an existing qTest account (authenticated by qTest) with the same email, the user is allowed to associate the SSO account with the qTest account
    • In case the email is manually input or the qTest account is authenticated by SSO, the user will not be allowed to do so


  • If you are using ADFS, please see this instruction with important notes to configure the integration between qTest and ADFS