3.9 Save and Resume session

From version 6.3+, qTest Explorer allows user to save a recording session to a .trace file and open it to resume later, as long as all of below conditions are met:

  1. The session is saved and opened from the same qTest Explorer instance
  2. The session must be stored in the same qTest site with the current logged in user
  3. The user who currently logged in to qTest Explorer is the executor of the saved session
  4. The user must have permissions to record session
  5. The session state must still be "Running"

Follow below steps when you want to save a recording session to a .trace file and open it to resume later

  1. Select the Stop icon on the Explorer Hotspot to stop the recording session.

  2. From the Confirmation dialog, click 'Edit Session' button.

  3. In session editor, you can make changes to the session as normal. When you're done and want to save the session and resume it later, click on 'Close' button in session editor. Explorer will show confirmation dialog asking whether you want to Save or Complete the session. Click 'Save'.

  4. In the 'Save As' dialog, enter name of the file and location to save then click 'Save'.
  5. Later, if you want to resume the session, just open the file in Explorer editor and click 'Continue session' in the toolbar