4.2 Manually Update Test Execution Result

Beside the auto update result mechanism, qTest Scenario also allows users to update the Execution Results manually. Users can manually update the Execution Results by using one of these 2 options:

  • Update the result of the last execution from the .Execution Tracking pane
  • Update the result of a specific execution from the Execution Details screen

Update result of the last execution from Execution Tracking pane

  1. Open the appropriate Feature and go to the Execution Tracking pane. Click Update Last Execution.
  2. Select New Status for individual Scenario of the Feature and click Update
  3. The Execution Result of the Feature will be updated accordingly

Update result of a specific execution from Execution Details screen

  1. Go to the Feature Implementation Progress Tracker screen and select an Execution to which you want to update the result.
  2.  On Execution Details screen, click on Details of the Feature that you want to update result
  3. Click Update Execution button.
  4. On Update Test Execution pop-up, select a new status for each Scenario and click Update.
  5. The execution result of the Scenarios will be updated. If the selected Execution is the last Execution of the Feature, the Execution Result will be updated accordingly.