4. Edit Recorded Content

To review the recording data with qTest Explorer Editor and submit the defect:

  1. Click on Properties tab to display the Session properties. Here you can edit session description, overall summary of the session, etc. 

  2. The Screens panel shows the screen list where you can perform the following actions:
    • Select a screen to display the action toolbar for that screen below the Screen Title. Using the action toolbar, you can edit screen name, move screen up/down, add a note or a step.
    • You can delete the screen by clicking on the Delete Icon at the corner of the Thumbnail
    • You can also drag and drop selected screen(s) to reorder it

    Edit screen name

    Move screen up one level

    Move screen down one level

    Add note

    Add step

    Navigate to screen in the browser if screen has URL

    Show/hide actions of a screen

    To edit step, right click on a step and select a suitable action