Update existing Rally Defect

  1. Click the Submit button on the qTest Explorer Editor's toolbar.

  2. The message dialog below will be displayed if the default connection in the Settings form has some missing information.

    Click OK to configure the connection.

    Refer to the Configure Tracker Settings section for detailed information on integration setup

  3. If the connection has been set up successfully, the Submit to Rally form will be displayed. Click Update existing defect to see a list of fields required to submit a new defect to Rally. You need to select, then enter the following information:

    • Option to update existing defect information
    • Screenshot option to select which screen you want to be attached to the defect
    • The workspace
    • The ID of the Defect within the selected workspace

    You can also add more files to the tracker, or embed existing files as links only on defect description section. Refer to Attachments for details

    If you selected the Connection Type as Rally Native then the Update existing defect will look a little bit different as the screenshot below, where you must enter a defect ID after selecting workspace.

  4. Specify all other fields (if required) and then click the Submit button to proceed.

  5. You will see a confirmation message when the update is complete.