8.2 Editing a Project Group

To edit a project group:

    1. Hover over the desired project group. Click on its Gear icon.

qTest - Admin - Project Group - Edit

    1. It will navigate to the project group edit page.
    2. Click on the project group name to rename it.
    3. Check on projects to include them to the project group. Or uncheck the selected projects to exclude them from the project group. Click on Mapping button.

qTest - Admin - Project Group - Edit - 2

  1. Click on the Gear icon next to Test Run Status, Release or Defect Status to edit their values:
    • Click on a display name to rename the value.
    • Toggle the Active check box to activate and deactivate the value.
    • For Test Run and Defect Status, you can select a color to represent the value.
    • Re-order or remove a value by clicking on the corresponding icons on Action column.
    • Click on + Add Value to add new custom values.
    qTest - Admin - Project Group - Edit System Field
  2. You will need to map project group's values of Test Run Status, Release and Defect Status with the values from each selected project
    • Select project values from the corresponding drop down box. One project group value can be mapped with multiple project values.
    • One project value cannot be mapped to multiple project group values.
    qTest - Admin - Project Group - Map