9.4 CI Tool Integration Related Reports

»CI Tool Integration Report (export)

»Test Result Submission Report

CI Tool Integration Report (export)

This is an export file which contains details of tests submitted from your CI server. It includes to views:

  • Build by Build: details of all tests executed in each CI build.
  • Test by Test: execution results of each test through different CI builds

To download the export file:

  1. On Test Execution tab, click on Export button then select CI Tool Integration Report.
  2. qTest - Test Execution - Export - CI Tool Integration Report
  3. A pop-up appears. You will need to select filters before exporting.

      Note: The export is not filtered by what you select on Test Execution tree. It is only filtered by values selected in this pop-up.

    qTest - Test Execution - Export - CI Tool Integration Report - Filter
  4. Click on OK button to download the export file.

Test Result Submission Report

On your CI tool side, we provide a report allowing you to track the status of test submissions to qTest after each build is completed.

  • Jenkins: Select a build project. Click on qTest Plugin on the left panel.
  • Jenkins - Project - Submission Status report
  • Bamboo: Select a build plan. Open qTest Plugin tab.
  • Bamboo - Plan - Test Submission Report