1. About Explorer

Unlike other screen capture or defect recording tools, qTest Explorer captures and generates all the information needed to submit a complete and accurate bug report. qTest Explorer is the only product that offers the following capabilities:

  • Captures a complete series of screenshots that detail the flow of actions leading up to a defect, rather than just providing a single screenshot from the point at which a defect occurred.
  • Tracks all of a user’s interactions within the application, including mouse and keystroke actions, and generates readable, step-by-step descriptions.
  • Provides annotation tools, so users can add more information when needed to enhance the value of the defect record.
  • Integrates with multiple defect tracking systems (e.g. JIRA, Bugzilla, HP Quality Center, etc.), allowing seamless submission of captured issues.
  • Produces manageable file sizes that can be shared via email and other applications, unlike video-capture tools, which generate files that are too large to email.