3.1 Set Preferences and Start Recording

  1. Select the Record item on the Explorer Context Menu.

    You can use default hotkey Ctrl + Alt + R to start recording. You can also customize the hotkeys in Settings. Refer to the Set Hotkeys section for detailed information.

  2. Enter the information for the Test Session.

    Select Desktop to capture everything on your desktop

    Choose one or multiple target applications to capture to exclude capturing unnecessary applications

    The Desktop checkbox is mutually exclusive to the rest of the application list

    Click Applications to get the latest application list

    Select either New Session to create a new Session or Planned Session to execute a pre-defined Session. The created/executed Session would be from the Project that you selected above

    The Capture all monitors check-box is only available when you select the Desktop option within Applications list. As you have multiple monitors, you can have Explorer capture all monitors or select a specific one to be captured

    The Record mode will adjust the behavior of Explorer's Capture Engine when taking a Screenshot. There are three support modes:

    • Auto: Explorer will automatically decide when to collect screenshots during the course of your session. We recommend this option by default.
    • Manual: Explorer will only record screenshots when the user selects the Force Screen Capture option
    • Time Interval: Explorer will record screenshots automatically on a set time interval selected by the user
  3. Click Start to start the recording session.


qTest Explorer supports capturing multiple monitors without any additional settings.

  1. If Desktop is selected in Session capture mode, or in Full Screen capture mode, qTest Explorer captures screens on all monitors.

  2. In Session capture mode, if Target Application is selected instead of Desktop, qTest Explorer captures only the selected application window.

  3. With other capture modes, qTest Explorer captures screens on related monitors.