Create New Team Foundation Service Defect

  1. Click the Submit button on the qTest Explorer Editor's toolbar.

  2. The message dialog below is displayed if the default connection in the Settings form has some missing information.

    Click OK to configure the connection.

    Refer to the Configure Tracker Settings section for detailed information on integration setup.

  3. If the connection has been set up successfully, the Submit to Team Foundation Server 2012 form is displayed. Click on the radio box Create new defect to see a list of fields required to submit a new defect to Team Foundation Service. You need to select, then enter the following information:

    • Title of the defect
    • Description of the defect

    "Team Project Collection" and "Team Project" fields are foundation fields that drive the rest of the fields on the submission form. The foundation fields are unlikely to change and their selection are automatically saved for subsequent use. Other fields are non-foundation fields and are configurable in Fields Settings form. You can also choose to display additional fields and set default values for these non-foundation fields in the Fields Settings form. Refer to Fields Settings for details.

    You can also add more files to the tracker or embed existing files as links only on defect description section. Refer to Attachments for details

  4. Specify the required data on the submission form and click the Submit button to proceed.

  5. You will see a confirmation message when the upload is complete. You can click on the defect ID link to view the defect detail in a Web browser.