8.6 Configure Proxy Settings

When you come to this topic, it means you have an internet connection problem. In this instance, please try to re-check your internet cable or wifi router beforehand. If this does not work, try the following three steps.

  1. Click Settings at the right side of the qTest Explorer's title bar.

    Alternatively, click Settings in the Login Dialog...

    ...or Settings in Explorer Context Menu.

  2. Locate the Proxy tab in the Settings.

    • Auto proxy detection: qTest Explorer automatically detects internet connection settings that are set in LAN Settings. If you use a proxy server that requires authentication, choose to enable proxy authentication, and enter user name and password in dialog below.

    • HTTP proxy: if your network has proxy configured, please consult your IT administrator for the information of: Host, Port, Username, Password then setup proxy in Explorer with the option "HTTP proxy" selected.
    • No proxy: Use this option if you do not want Explorer to react to any proxy setting in your network.
  3. Click Save to save settings for subsequent use.