1.1 Product Overview

QASymphony is currently introducing two editions of qTest Explorer: Standalone Edition and Integrated Edition.

qTest Explorer - Standalone Edition is a Windows application. Once activated, it can be utilized for tracking and recording actions performed on other applications running on the desktop.

qTest Explorer - Integrated Edition is a qTest plugin that can be downloaded from qtestnet.com and installed on Windows machines. This plugin is a complete screen capture application that captures users' activities (e.g. mouse clicks or data entries) and generates an intelligent narration of users' actions with screenshots. Those outputs can be submitted to qTest as defects or test cases.

qTest Explorer - Integrated Edition can be run in two modes:

  • Dependent Mode: Explorer is launched from qTest, either by executing Test Run in Test Execution Module or recording Session from Session Manager Module.
  • Independent Mode: Explorer is executed directly.

Apart from the ability of being submitted to other popular trackers beside qTest, the recorded outputs can also be saved into different formats such as Word or PDF.

You can report defects with 3 simple steps:

Following are quick and easy instruction for using qTest Explorer:

How to Capture Session Records

How to Edit Session Records

How to Share Defects

How to Configure qTest Explorer