1.2 Auto Startup Mechanism and Login

Item Description
(1) Record Start Session Recording
(2) Snapshot Select Snapshot item to choose a preferred capture mode. qTest Explorer can capture a whole screen, a window, a pane, a region or a scrolling window
(3) Open Trace File You can open and edit a Trace file, which has the .trace extension
(4) Setting Click the Settings button to configure your settings at any time
(5) Help Open Explorer Help Articles from QAS Support Forum
(6) About Show information about current Explorer Version
(7) Auto Startup Option Check this if you want Explorer to startup automatically when Windows starts
(8) Log out Log out of Explorer
(9) Exit Click the Exit button to close qTest Explorer.


Login with qTest account

Users are required to use a valid qTest account to log in when running qTest Explorer. A valid qTest account implies two conditions:

  • The account must be authorized to an active qTest instance.
  • The qTest Explorer plugin in the active qTest instance must be enabled.

When starting qTest Explorer Integrated Edition, users will need to enter a valid qTest account which is comprised of the following information:

  • URL: an active URL which is used to access your qTest site.
  • Email: a valid email address authorized to access the above qTest site.
  • Password: the appropriate password corresponding to the account identified by the combination of aforementioned URL and Email.

Login with SSO account

  • URL: an active URL which is used to access your qTest site.
  • SSO token: a token generated by qTest when you logged in to qTest site with your SSO account. You can obtain the SSO token from Resource tab of your qTest site and use it to log in to qTest Explorer

Check the Login automatically if you want qTest Explorer to remember the login information. The next time you access qTest Explorer, it will log you in automatically.


  1. Click the Logout link on qTest Explorer Editor,

    or select Logout from the Menu Context of Explorer in the taskbar.

  2. Confirm whether to save or discard the changes to the current recording file, if there have been modifications.

  3. qTest Explorer will restart and the Login dialog will be displayed. You can click Exit to exit qTest Explorer, or enter a valid qTest account to login again.