1.3 Session Based Testing with Hotspot Recorder

Item Description
(1) Hotspot - Normal State This is the Explorer hotspot during a recording Session. The timer indicates how long  the Session has been carried out.
(2) Hotspot - Focused State When being highlighted by a mouse's cursor, the hotspot displays all supported features for quick utilization
(3) Pause Click Pause to pause a recording session
(4) Stop Click Stop to complete the session
(5) Set Time Type Select Set Time Type to pick the preferred type for the current activity. A List of time types is customizable in the configuration screen. The Timeline bar lets you know the elapsed time in the current session.
(6) Force Screen Capture Click Force Screen Capture to force screen capture and insert it in the recording session when in recording mode.  Explorer supports multiple Force Screen Capture Modes, such as: Full Screen, Active Window, Custom Region, Selected Region or Scrolling Window
(7) Add Note To provide more details during testing, you can add notes and annotations to the current screen by clicking Add Note * You can switch the Add Note Dialog to Full Display Mode by clicking on the expand icon at the lower left corner
(8) Record Media Select Record Media to have options for starting a Video/Audio Recorder.