2. Take Snapshots

You can use qTest Explorer to report simple defects, as well as complex, hard-to-reproduce defects. For simple defects, simply take a snapshot, annotate as needed, and submit the defect. For complex defects, select tje Record Session feature to automatically capture steps and generate screenshots for each step.

  1. If you have not started qTest Explorer, double-click the qTest Explorer shortcut on your desktop to launch the program.

  2. The qTest Explorer is initially start-up at Windows task-bar by default. Right click on the qTest Explorer icon to display all available features.

    You also need to log into Explorer to utilize all of its features. A Login Automatically option is supported for your convenience

  3. Navigate to the Snapshots item to select a capture mode as preferred. qTest Explorer currently supports 5 different snapshot modes:

    Full Screen

    Active Window

    Custom Region

    Selected Region

    Scrolling Window