2.5 Capture Scrolling Window

You can use qTest Explorer to report simple defects by simply taking a snapshot, annotate as needed, and submit the defect. In this mode, you can take a screenshot of a scrolling window of the screen.

  1. Select Scrolling Window in Capture modes on the Control Panel.

  2. Hover a cursor over a window. If qTest Explorer can capture the scrolling area of the window selected, the scrolling area selection buttons will appear. Click on the desired button (Snap vertical scrolling area, Snap horizontal scrolling area, or Snap entire scrolling area) to select the scrolling area to be captured. After clicking, the window will continuously scroll until the end part is reached. If the selected window does not have scrolling area, or qTest Explorer cannot capture the scrolling area, the scrolling area selection buttons will not appear. In this case, click on any point in the window. qTest Explorer will capture the visible area of this window. It's the same as the Active Window capture mode.

    You can press [ESC] to cancel the capture.