3.5 Force Screen Capture

Sometimes, qTest Explorer cannot detect automatic or dynamic screen changes, such as video or automatically scrolling panels. In these cases, you can manually force a screenshot using the Force Screen Capture button, which will capture a snapshot of your active application. qTest Explorer will insert the screenshot into the recording flow.

  1. Click on the Force Screen Capture button to force the capture of a screenshot of the active application.

    You can use default hotkey Ctrl + Alt + A or customize the hotkey in Settings. Refer to Set Hotkeys section for detailed information.

    You can click on the Camera icon to quickly capture current screen or select more capture mode using the arrow below the Camera icon. Explorer supports all 5 capture modes similar to how you capture snapshots: Full Screen, Active Window, Custom Region, Selected Region, Scrolling Window

  2. qTest Explorer will insert the screenshot into the test session and continue the recording.

    You can force screen capture as many times as needed.