4.2.01 Import Screens

You can import more screens from the external image file (JPG, JPEG, or PNG) to your recording session. You can do this in two ways:


(1). Use the 'Import More Screen' button on the Toolbar

  1. From the Editor, click on the Screens tab to open the Screens panel, then select the screen that you want.  The new screen will be inserted below.

  2. Click the Import More Screens button.

  3. Locate the image file you want to import.

  4. Click Open. The screen will be imported to the recording session.


(2). Drag and Drop the Image File

  1. Locate the image files you want to import.

  2. Make sure the Screens panel in the Editor is active, and then drag those image files to the Screens panel and drop at the desired position.