Field Settings

The Fields Settings form allows you to add more fields or remove existing fields on the submission form.

  1. Click the Fields Settings link on the submission form. The Fields Settings form will be displayed.

  2. Check the Show checkbox to display the selected field on the submission form. The fields shown on the submission form will be submitted to corresponding fields in Bugzilla. Refer to the Bugzilla Fields table below for details.

  3. Uncheck the Show checkbox to hide the selected field on the submission form. qTest eXplorer does not submit these hidden fields to Bugzilla.

  4. Set the default value by selecting a value from the field's dropdown list or typing the value in the text box.

    Bugzilla integration does not filter dropdown list values based on the defect workflow. By setting default field values, you can prevent the selection of unaccepted values that may cause errors.

  5. Save the settings for subsequent use. Refresh the submission form to see the change.


Notes: custom fields are supported and are pulled automatically from the server.