8.1.2 Configure Trace Steps

You can customize Trace Steps view and choose to include or exclude Trace Steps in trackers, as well as show a timestamp if preferred.

  1. Click the Settings icon at the right side of the qTest Explorer Editor's title bar.

    Alternatively, you can also click Settings from the Explorer Context Menu.

  2. Locate the Trace Steps section in the General tab.

  3. Change the settings as needed.

    • Show timestamp: Use this option if you want to display a timestamp at every screen/step.
    • Restart at 1 for every screen: Use this option if you want the steps' numbers, starting from 1, for each screen captured. For example, Screen A: step 1, step 2, step 3. Screen B: step 1, step 2.
  4. Click Save to save settings for subsequent use.