Data Query

Data Query features provide users a convenient way to quickly filter sessions data as needed.

Session Manager currently supports three built-in system queries:

The left pane of Session Manager main page displays all queries that are available to current user.

  • System Queries: these built-in queries allow the user to access his assigned sessions; show all Sessions or just the ones currently have assignees.

  • My Queries: all previously created queries by the user would be displayed here

  • Team Queries: the shared queries by others would be displayed here

You can create new session query with following steps:

  1. Click on Header of the Query Builder to expand this section.

  2. Click on Add New Clause to input a new row to the clause list of Query Builder.

  3. Modify the filter condition using all support criteria within the clause.

    Select object field in the Criteria combo-box list

    Select Operator to define value for selected Criteria.

    Select Value for you criteria. The Value column will display different lists of values corresponding to the field you select in Criteria column.

    Each clause must be linked to each other by values selected in the Group column, including "or, and, ), (".

    You can add as many clauses as needed

    All filter criteria are summarized in Query Summary text field

    Delete a clause by clicking Delete icon on each clause.

    Remove all clauses by clicking Clear button.

  4. Click Run Query button. qTest would returns the filtered results in the below Session Grid

  5. Input Query Name and click Save As to store it in My Queries.

    You can check Team Queries to share it for other project's users to view.