6.2 qTest 6.2.6 Release Notes - Nov 27th, 2015

The following defects have been fixed in this release:

Test Execution

  • When adding Test Runs from Test Design Modules by clicking on the Add Test Runs button on the Test Suite page, the Test Runs’ order is will now be the same as the Test Case.

  • Executed Test Runs' statuses are updated accordingly in the Test Execution tree.

Test Design

  • Test Case’s order is preserved when copying a Module.


  • Data query now returns the correct results when using criteria Contains and Not Contains with text fields (Text Area, Text Box, Rich Text Editor and URL)
  • Users with the Project Manager profile will have all qTest Insights permissions by default.
  • When an assigned user is removed from his project or is archived
    • On Test Run and Defect: the Assigned To field will be highlighted, informing you that the user is now inactive.
    • On Requirements and Test Cases: the user name will be appended with (Inactive).