3.2 Execute Features with Maven command line

Run the following commands to execute Features:

  1. Open the windows command line. Use the cd command to point to BDD Framework location. Execute Maven.
  2. Use the following commands to execute a specific action:
    • >mvn qtestscenario:prepare-test // To retrieve the declared Feature files to destination folder.

      >mvn test // To execute the test and push executed results to your server.

      >mvn qtestscenario:prepare-test test // To retrieve Features and execute the test. So, instead of doing the two above commands one by one, you can use this command to save time.

      >mvn qtestscenario:prepare-test test -Dcucumber.options="--tags @<tag value>" // This one also retrieves and executes like the third one, but it only executes Features or Senarios with specified tags. e.g mvn qtestscenario:prepare-test test -Dcucumber.options="--tags @negative_cases.
  3. After the execution is completed, you can view the result in the Execution Tracking pane on Jira.