9.3 Configuring qTest Plugin for Bamboo


  • Our plugin does not execute your unit tests. It only collects and submit test results (if any) to qTest.
  • It supports any testing frameworks which are capable of generating JUnit XML format test reports.

»Installing qTest Plugin on Bamboo server

»Configuring qTest Plugin on Bamboo server

Installing qTest Plugin on Bamboo server

  1. Access to Manage add-ons page of your Bamboo tool.
  2. Search for qTest Plugin for Bamboo and install it.
Bamboo - manage plugin - install plugin

Configuring qTest Plugin on Bamboo server

  1. Configure a build plan on your Bamboo server.
  2. Select a build stage under the plan.
  3. Select a build job under the stage.
  4. Add a new task to the selected build. On the pop-up, search for qTest Integration task and add it to the stage.

      Important: This task needs to be added to the job in which unit tests are executed.

    Bamboo - Add task pop-up
  5. After the task is added, you will need to configure it to connect to your qTest instance.
    • qTest URL: the URL to access your qTest instance.
    • API Key: the token to login to your qTest instance. You can get the Jenkins API Key from qTest Resources page.
      qTest - resources - Bamboo API Token
  6. Click on Retrieve button then select values for these fields:
    • Project: select one qTest project which the build is integrating with.
    • Release: select one Release which will be the target release of submitted Test Runs.
    • Environment: It is not required. The selected Environment will be set as submitted Test Runs' property.


      • The selected Environment only affects the newly created Test Runs. It will not update the existing Test Runs with the new Environment if you have selected a new one. We are working on the fix for that and will release it soon.
  7. The plugin will scan for the XML files which contain the test results. You can optionally specify a directory pattern where these XML files are located, using ANT Style Pattern. If not specified, the plugin will scan the whole project

    Bamboo - qTest task