9 CI Tool Integration

qTest features the integration with 2 Continous Integration (CI) tools: Jenkins and Bamboo.

The integration collects unit test results executed while building projects in your CI server and report them to qTest.

In order to set up this feature, please follow steps below:

  1. Enable CI Integration feature in your qTest project
  2. Install our qTest Plugin on your CI server and configure it to connect to your qTest project


  • Our plugin does not execute your unit tests. It only collects and submit test results (if any) to qTest.
  • We support any testing frameworks which are capable of generating JUnit XML format test reports.
  • For Jenkins, if your testing framework does not generate JUnit XML format test reports, you can utilize xUnit Plugin to generate and publish test results before qTest Plugin collects and reports them to qTest.
  • We support these build tools: Maven, Ant, and Gradle

  Important: Please configure your firewall's settings to allows accesses/requests from your CI Tool server to the following specific Amazon servers' elastic IP addresses of our qTest OnDemand:


See our instructions below:

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»Configuring qTest Plugin for Jenkins

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