8 Cross Project Reporting

This feature is avaible on qTest Elite edition. It allows you to view reports across multiple projects in qTest. Currently, we support these 3 reports:

  • Test Execution Summary
  • Testing Velocity
  • Execution Status with Defects

To view those reports on multiple projects, you will need to do these following steps:

  1. The site administrator needs to create a project group which includes your desired projects. The project group will have its own values for Test Runs Status, Defect Status and Release. The site administrator will need to map the values of each selected project with the group values.
  2. After defining the project group, the site administrator needs to share it with some specific users or project user profiles.
  3. qTest users who have been shared with a project group will see its reports in Report tab of any accessible projects.

See the below articles for instructions:

»Creating a Project Group

»Editing a Project Group

»Deleting a Project Group

»Sharing a Project Group

»Viewing a Project Group's Reports