8.1 Activating Time Tracking feature


  • Time Tracking needs to be activated to start logging planned vs actual time for test runs. This will also activate the 'Testing Velocity' report.
  • In order to activate Time Tracking, you will need 'Project Administrator' permissions.

Under the Gear icon, click on Time Tracking. Switch on Activation Status.

You can change the time unit, the number of hours per working day and working days per week.

Click on Save when you complete the settings.

When Time Tracking feature is activated, the following fields are visible in Test Run's Field Settings of the project:

  • Planned Time: planned execution time for one execution of a Test Run
  • Actual Time: actual execution time of one execution of a Test Run
  • Total Planned Time: sum of Planned Time of all Test Logs of a Test Run
  • Total Actual Time: total actual execution time has been spent for all Test Logs of a Test Run
  • Average Execution Time: the Total Actual Time divided by the number of Test Logs