5.3.11 Tracking Execution Time


  • The Project Admin needs to activate Time Tracking feature so that you can track time spent on executing Test Runs.

»Logging Execution Time

»Editing Time tracked on a Test Log

»Viewing Accumulated Time of a Test Run

Logging Execution Time

Input the planned execution time for a Test Run. It will be populated in the next execution of the Test Run

Execute the Test Run. In the TestPad, select Time Tracking tab. The Planned Time you have inputted in the Test Run is populated. However, you can change the value.

After you have done executing the Test Run, you can track the Actual Time. If you do not input the Actual Time, the TestPad will prompt you to do it when saving the execution. However, you can skip it.

Similarly, you can optionally track the Planned Time and Actual Time when doing a Quick Run.

The Planned Time and Actual Time tracked on the latest Test Log will be shown in the Test Run.

Editing Time tracked on a Test Log

For each Test Log, click on the Clock icon to see the time which has been logged on it.

If you are the Project Admin or the tester of a Test Log, you can edit the amount of time inputted on it.

Viewing Accumulated Time of a Test Run

Based on time tracked for each Test Log, the Rollup of time spent on the Test Run is calculated, including:

  • Total Planned Time: sum of Planned Time of all Test Logs of the Test Run
  • Total Actual Time: total actual execution time has been spent for all Test Logs of the Test Run
  • Average Execution Time: the Total Actual Time divided by the number of Test Logs

This information is shown in Time Tracking block of a Test Run.