6. Automation Integration V2 - Automation Scheduling


  • If you are using the automation integration feature of qTest version 4.x and previous ones, please refer to this article for instruction.
  • Automation Scheduling feature released in qTest version 5.0.0 is not working with the old integration.

qTest features Automation Scheduling which allows you to schedule and kick off your automation tests that reside on your local machine and report the results of these tests back to your qTest server.

Supported Frameworks:

Currently, qTest supports integration with following frameworks:

  • TestNG
  • JUnit
  • Cucumber for Java
  • JBehave for Java

Proccess Summary:

  • Activate Automation Integration feature in qTest.
  • Download qTest Automation Agent Tool and run it on your local machine where your automation scripts are deployed. The tool will register your machine to qTest as a automation host.
  • Create an automation agent in your automation host. An automation host includes multiple automation agents. An agent integrates ONE qTest project with ONE automation framework and ONE scripting directory.
  • Create your automation Test Cases. You may utilize the automation agent to scan your scripting directory, detect tests and automatically create corresponding Test Cases in qTest.
  • You will need to manually create your automation Test Runs in qTest.
  • After automation host and agent have been configured successfully and Automation Integration feature is activated, you can schedule Test Runs to be automatically executed. There is a centralized place in qTest for you to view the schedules and their status.
  • The corresponding automation agent polls schedules from qTest and automatically executes your automation test. It also collects the execution logs and pushes back to qTest.
  • You can review logs of each agent's executions within a day.

Please see the following articles for instructions:

»Activating Automation Integration

»Configuring Automation Host

»Configuring Automation Agent

»Creating Automation Test Cases

»Manipulating Automation Schedules

»Important Notes when Automation Agents executing Automation Tests